weight loss tips for busy women


Ever since the women got their constitutional rights in the modern communities, especially the equality with men, women had new jobs other than giving birth, brining up kids and woking at home. The majority of workers now are women. Unfortunately they get less wages than men but still a very good work force in any modern community. This change in the women’s life make them eager to get new life style like fast food because of lack of time to cook or workout. This new life style caused new sort of diseases either social or health diseases.
Ever since the woman had no time to cook healthy meals and revert to fast food that caused a lot of health problems one of them is the obesity.

Obesity made women slow and not active for work and that raised the need for weight loss techniques that suit the new women life style.

In my point of view the red smoothie is the best detox factor which burns fat fast. Smoothie is very easy, takes no time, cost a few dollars to prepare and you can find it everywhere around you in the local market. In this way women can lose weight using this simple technique which suit their lack of time and lack of money too. This way needs no jogging or working out.

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