Does A Tragus Piercings Hurt? Detailed Report about Tragus Piercings

This is all the main information  you need to know about a tragus piercing

Where, Exactly, Is The Tragus?

tragus piercing

tragus piercing

A tragus piercings is the puncture of the tragus, ( The tragus is a small pointed eminence of the outer ear,

located in front of the conch, and outstanding backward over the meatus. The piercing is usually made

with a tiny caliber blank piercing needle.

Tragus Piercing Kit

In order to perform The Tragus Piercing you need the following Kit which includes:

  • 18 Gauge Sterilized Piercing Needles
  • Receiving Cork
  • Benzalkonium Chloride towelettes
  • Anti-Bacterial Lubricant
  • Non-Latex Gloves
  • Skin Preparation Applications
  • Straight Barbell or Captive Bead Ring

What’s The Pain Level Compared To Other Piercings?


Skin piercing will sting to a different degree based on place and the nerve endings concentration. But

when pierced properly by a professional the tragus registers low on the pain-o-meter.

 What’s The Risk For earing Damage?

Ear piercing carries inherent dangers and health risks. Ear cartilage piercings include the helix, conch,

tragus, daith and industrial. These piercings use barbells, rings or studs in different parts of the ear.

During warm weather and shortly after the piercing has taken place the risk of an ear piercing becoming

infected. Piercings in the earlobe run a comparatively low risk of infection; high ear piercings of the upper ear cartilage are more apt to infection.

High ear piercing infections lead to a greater risk of serious infections including Staphylococcus and

Pseudomonas. An infected abscess can cause death if the infection is severe. Long straight barbells,

spikes, rings or earrings that dangle from the lobe of jewelry can be worn in an ear piercing once a piercing is fully healed:

Each type of ear jewelry carries a risk of snagging on clothing, towels or other objects when snagged, an earring can tear the piercing.

Tragus Piercing Pain
Piercing a place of the body to showcase jewellery piece is surely going to cause some pain. However, the

pain associated with the tragus piercings depends on different factors. The skill of the piercer is an important factor that can relieve or raise the piercing pain.

Mostly, those piercers are experts and know how to do the job safely with the least amount of pain. But

different people have a different reaction against pain. some people can bare great amount of pain but others might have a hard time coping with it.

The tragus jewellery  and tragus earrings also plays a critical role in relieving the discomfort and pain.

Straight accessories like a barbell is producing less pain than a bead ring.

Mostly, tragus piercing does not produce much of a pain, but few people have some feeling of pressure or discomfort shortly after the tragus piercing is done.

 How Should I Care For It While It Heals?

Tragus Piercing Aftercare

The piercing by a professional body piercer using the best quality planting steel captive bead ring or stud

under sterilized conditions is not enough to guarantee normal healing. You must learn the correct

cartilage piercing care to make sure that piercing heals well and with no problems.
Wash the piercing with clean water or a saline solution or Let shower water run over the piercing without soap from shampoo.

Pat dry the area after it is properly cleaned using hypoallergenic jewelry that fits snugly in place.

In case the wound hurts use saline to soak it a little bit to help with healing.

Always make sure that your hands are clean and dry first when you touch the piercing.

Eat more nutritious foods, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly to have a strong immune system to prevent infection.

keeping the bedding and pillows case clean will help preventing infection.

To make it short you have to do the following:

– Clean the tragus area at least two times a day

– Playing with your piercings is forbiden.

– Using antibiotic ointments is not advisable.

– Dress your pillows in a big clean t-shirt and change it every night to ensure the cleanliness of your pillows.

– Ensure cleanliness of telephones, headphones, eyeglasses, helmets, hats, and anything that contacts the pierced area.

– Be careful during styling your hair and inform your stylist of a new piercings.

 Can Everyone Get A Tragus Piercing?

Of course adults are allowed to get a Tragus Piercing not kids. Adults can take care of the wound and

keep it cleen until it heals. Alos taking care of the Tragus piercing after it is healed is very important because any misuse of the tools of the daily use will lead to a big disaster if it snagging.

What Type Of Earring Is Best For The Tragus?

When buying a tragus earring the gauge is the most important thing to consider because it can make

infection and annoyance if the improper size is worn. The most common is tragus jewelry 16g because it

is thin and goes in easily. Wearing bigger size can lead to dangerous infection therefor when you get your piercing done, ask your piercer what size of gauge can be used for the same.

 tragus piercing jewelry


tragus piercing

tragus piercing

tragus piercing

There are wide choices of jewellery that can worn including labret studs, barbells and ball closure rings.

You can search the internet for those choices or you can consult with the piercer for that purpose. Once

the tragus piercing heals one can wear just about any kind of rings. Most young people head for small barbells or tiny circular rings depending on how small the area is.

How the piercing is done?


Since the tragus is harder than other parts of the body tragus piercings demands more pressure from the

piercer unlike nose piercings. You are advised not to do this piercing at home as it can lead to serious complications. The piercing steps will be as follows:

1 lie down, upside down or right on the back.

2– Placing a cock within the canal to prevent damage to the ear.

3– Cleaning the area completely to avoid infections.

4– The tragus is pierced with some pressure with the help of a curved or straight hollow sterilized needle.

5– Natural bleeding is to occur but it is not to worry about

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