Tragus jewellery – the best tragus jewellery in amazon

There are many women who would like to pierce their Tragus. Tragus is the inner side of the ear. You can wear a number of different kinds of Tragus bars or Tragus studs for your ear that would look nice. Try out some of the best looking Tragus jewelry gold finishes in the Amazon.

Imported 4pc 16g 5mm Ball Eyebrow, Lip Ear Tragus Rings Earring Barbell Bar Gold



This jewelry is a brand new jewelry made of hypoallergenic and nickel free jewelry made for the body area like earrings, eyebrow, lips, nose and belly button in the body. This is one of the best gifts for your friends made with 316L surgical steel. The Gold color makes it shine.

The pros of the Tragus studs

  • Cool Tragus studs that can be worn in various parts of the body
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Looks cool and stylish in the ears
  • Can be worn with different kinds of apparel
  • Imported all the way from Hongkong
  • An outstanding piece of jewelry that can turn heads around

Cons of the jewelry

  • May get damaged if worn for a long period of time

The bottom line- The Tragus jewelry, gold plated earrings is one of the best looking jewelries in the Amazon that can turn heads around. It is definitely worth a buy.

If you are looking for some of the finest rook piercing jewelry, then you can try out the Amazon. Now what is rook piercing? Rook piercing are a type of ear cartilage piercing that is located in the highest fold of the ear. You can wear a small barbell or ball closure rings in the rook piercing. Try out from a variety of rook piercing jewelry in the Amazon.

There are various assortments of studs and barbells that you can try out from Amazon.

Mahi Blue, Red And White Rhodium Plated Swarovski Element Round Stud Earring for Women

Try out from some of these awesome shimmering studs that are sure to make your day. Wear these bright colored studs in an office party, a wedding party of just a small party in the house. This also is worn on a daily basis. This is also a great gift for your loved ones

Pros of the ear stud

  • Made of Swarovski crystal elements
  • Available in colors of red, blue and shimmering white
  • Can be worn for a long period of time
  • Great to wear at all occasions and with all attires


  • The studs are little smaller than displayed on the Amazon
  • As per some customers, the color is a little dull

The bottom line- This is a pretty good looking stud that can be worn on the rook and will look good as well. I also wore the same and I found it pretty appealing as well and the best thing is, it is available at an attractive price!

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