How To Reset Your Metabolism

Reset Your Metabolism

Reset Your Metabolism

Do you know that when you do have a low metabolism it can have a huge impact on your health? Chances are, you will soon realize that your body is adding up pounds and it would be difficult to shed them off. Good thing that you can easily do few things in order to reset your metabolism. You do not need to know rocket science to know each one of them. They are simply the basics.

Here are three ways in which you can reset your metabolism:

1. Eat every three hours, with food of three different kinds.

One thing you should remember the number 3. This means in every 3 hours you need to eat 3 different foods namely, 1 for protein, 1 for carbs or healthy fats, and 1 for vegetables. When your meal contains all three, you are up to have a good day with a good metabolic rate, filled with energy, and not to worry about pounds adding to your weight.

2. Eat healthy carbs.

Having a no carb diet is not good. Why? You need to eat healthy carbs like beans, whole grains, and root vegetables. These carbs help your thyroid function fully. This means your body’s metabolism will be at it’s peak. No need to worry about bulging belly, huge arms and thighs. Your body needs carbs but not just any kind the healthy ones. So, do keep that in mind.

3. Build your muscles.

Lastly, you need to build your muscles up. Why is this so? Do you know that the more muscle mass you do have in your body, the more your body can burn those calories? Yes, that is right! How can this be done if you have limited time or do not have any idea of exercising? All you have to do is to exercise using light weights. This will slowly but surely build your mucles. You would be surprise as to how toned your arms are. Now, that’s something isn’t it?

Bottom line, it is all about the kinds of foods you are putting into your body. You want to be very cautious about what you are eating. The more you pay attention to every food you put into your mouth, the more you can see changes in your metabolism. The tips enumerated above are just easy. You can easily reset your metabolism. Guess what? You do not need to learn to buy special type of foods that are inside a box, or going to a gym to do so. Do follow through the tips and you are good to go.

There might be lapses along the way. You might forget to eat healthy carbs or you forgot do a little bit of weight lifting. You do not need to be perfect at all. What you are aiming for here is for you to make these three part of your daily routine until such time they become much of a habit for you. In no time, you will see the difference.

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