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Tragus is the traditional site of piercing and rings. But what about nose piercing?!! Currently, It is a fashion and styling by females worldwide. In all celebrations, we can see different types and styles that show the beauty of its lovers. There are different sizes and styles in the market to choose from.

what about nose piercing pain? you will know the answer later in this report. so follow me.

Amazing facts from history:

About 6000 years ago, nose rings were first recorded and after that it was used by AfricansandBedouins of the middle east

It was a tradition for Indians that nose piercing, especially in the left nostril is sexually associated and even makes the birth process easy and painless!! Large nose rings in the ancient world revealed a high social position, sometimes, it has religious references.

What are the common places for piercing?

Nostril piercing:

Choose your own preferred place and obtain the style you most like.

Septum piercing:

It is also a common painless place, like nostrils, but it is a long process.

Amazing Round barbells and captive bead rings are the perfect jewelry for nose piercing.

Bridge piercing is the upper parts between the eyes.

Choose the perfect nose ring:

  • Be sure that you don’t have any allergy to the jewelry, such as gold, silver and titanium. The safest option is stanelessteel ones.
  • Buy from a piercer to gurantee sterilization

The best types are:

  • Stud: adecoration t resting on the outside of the nostril.
  • Screw: goes into a small curl that fixes the jewelry in place.
  • U-Bend: used only for septum piercings. It can be worn with the ends fixed inside the nostrils
  • Spike: straight taper worn horizontally through the piercing, Notused for the new piercing!


Who can use nose piercing

Any adult can use nose piercing provided that he does not suffer from allergy.

The Types of nose piercings:

The nose piercing lovers have to choose one of three types of nose piercing which are:

* Nostril piercing,

* Nasal septum piercing and

* Bridge piercing.

1- Nostril piercing as it has been earlier mentioned was

common in India and the left nostril piercings were believed to make childbirth painless and easy. Also

nostril nose piercings were done in the ancient world to demonstrate the warrior position in the tribe and sometimes as a religious reference

Years ago nose piercing was considered a sign of a rebellion or punk but now it’s no longer felt that way.

You can have any of your nostrils pierced and the exact place of a hole is chosen by you and your piercing

professional because you must feel comfortable with your new piercing and it’s important to choose the right place for it.

2- Septum piercing

is the piercing of the cartilage that separates the nostrils in the sliver of thin skin near the septum.

Round barbells and captive bead rings are the usually worn jewelry for a septum piercing. Different sizes

and styles are available in the market so you can enjoy new outlook as you like. Septum piercing gauging

is also favorable but it’s a rather long process. Both septum and nostril piercings are almost painless.

3- Bridge piercing

is placed on the upper part of the nose between the eyes. The risk of scarring and infection during bridge piercing procedure is rather high.

This type of nose piercing is usually pierced with a straight barbell. Should you decide to get bridge

piercing, you must ask your piercer about the detailed information about risks that involved in this operation.

As all sorts of piercings, nose piercing requires aftercare. during the first two months. With new nose piercing you should follow these main recommendations .

What are the aftercare procedures:

These are your guides to painless and quick healing process for your piercings.

1- Keep your piercing places clean (use saline solution) at least twice a day in order to clean it.

2- Touching your piercing and the jewelry is not recommended.

3- Before using cleaning solution ( don’t use hydrogen peroxide ) it is advisable to wash your hands.

4. Take good care when using a towel especially when you dry your face.

5- Be careful when you blow your nose.

6- Use legal medicine, stop smoking and not taking out the piercing ring will expedite the healing process.

7- make an ice compress In case the piercing turns into red and swallow. consult your doctor as soon as you feel that the pain is intolerable.

When can I use the nose ring:

You can fully enjoy the piercing after your piercing is fully healed and wear the jewelry you want but first

you have to make sure that you don’t have allergy on the regular jewelry materials in the market such as

gold, silver steel and titanium. stainless steel rings are recommended as it is the best. Buying all nose

piercing jewellery from a piercer is highly recommend to make sure of its sterilizing.

nose piercing

 nose piercing

Q And A:

1- what does the procedure entail?

You sit down in the studio, your nose will be wiped with an antibacterial wipe. you have to keep your

head perfectly straight and a mark will be made on the place where your nose will be pierced. by using a

small hollow metal tube to stick partially in your nose to protect the rest of your nose from the piercing

needle. Close your eyes in a relaxed posture breathe in, pierce, then breathe out. Your stud in and you’re

done. the piercing will sting since your nose is quite sensitive therfore your eyes may water.

2- How long is the healing process?

The healing process vary from one person to another but usually it will take maximum two months.

3- If you want to take ring out eventually the hole will not close and the scarring is just an unseen hole.

4- What the best nose rings are ?

the best nose rings are:
* Bone/Pin/Stud: This is a short post-style piece of jewelry with a small bead or decoration that rests on the outside of the nostril.

* Screw: It has a short post that goes into a small curl which works instead of a backing to hold the jewelry in place.

* U-Bend: just for septum piercings. It is a small “U”-shaped piece that can be worn with the ends flipped up inside the nostrils

* Spike: straight taper worn horizontally through the piercing, with pointed ends that stick out. Not for new piercings!

5- How do I remove a full circle nose ring?

Use hemostats or scissors to pry the opening open. Just turn your nose ring to where the opening is

facing outward and slowly slide them inside the circle of the ring then slowly open the scissors to widen

the opening of the ring more than a 1/4 of an inch enough to be able to remove it with ease. Then close

the scissors and slide them out of the ring, then slowly rotate your nose ring until the opening reaches

the inside of your nose and your able to remove it!

6- How much does it cost (approx)? Is that price with or without jewelry?

The piercing cost between $50 and $100. It depends on how famous the professional that does that piercing. This price does not include the cost of the ring.

7- How painful the piercing:


Piercing sting will cause bearable pain which last no longer than minutes.

6- How long until you can change it?

As long as the hole is healed you can wear whatever you like and change the rings any time you want.

7- How to Clean a Nose Piercing

nose piercing

Prepare a Salt Solution,
Soak a Cotton Ball in the Salt Solution,
Pat the Area Dry,
Remove Any Crusting.

Nose Rings!! Which are some most adorable Nose Rings

Nose rings are a delightful supplement to any individual, highlighting the characteristic shadows and impressions of the territory. They are seen as incredibly precious adornments all through each culture of the world, doing a reversal for whatever length of time that history has recorded. Getting a nose ring may plague at first what happens if something turns out badly? What happens on the off chance that you sniffle? What happens on the off chance that you lose the nose ring and you, are only staying, with an opening for anyone’s viewing pleasure? All things considered, I can guarantee it’s not that sensational. Nothing happens on the off chance that you wheeze, and on the off chance that you don’t wear your nose ring regularly the injury will generally, shut everything down a scar. In today’s article, we’ll be concentrating on the various kinds of Nose Rings which suits best to your style and character!

2pcs 20g Nose Ring Piercing Hoop 5/16.”

Parcel of 20 Straight Nose Studs with top notch Rhinestones. It will be ideal if you note you will get a blend of 20 plans that all have different sizes and outlines. A mix of Straight studs can be custom twisted into an L shape for a custom fit! You will get ONE nose ring backing with every buy of a 20 Pack.

So, this is a 22G. Much appreciated so much and had an extraordinary day. The nose ring is entirely little. It is an 18g will be greater than a 22 or 20. Right around .5 crawl and there straight no little knock resource the end like typical ones, however, you can twist them to your preferring.


Rhinestone Stainless Steel Nose Ring Body Jewelry, 6 Count

It’s simply level truly, doesn’t look adorable. I don’t have the foggiest idea about the estimation as in numbers. The stud part was tiny to the points that it went right tossed the gap in my nose. I sent them back for a discount. They are clearly efficiently made. It was practically similar to a thin wire. It is slight small nose ring, ideal for a downplayed look for almost everyone as my optimal size for a nose stud. Any the precious stones haven’t dropped out at all either. In any case, if your nose is somewhat fatter you may need to twist the curved section a bit!

Lisli® 60x Rhinestone Stainless Steel Crystal Nose Ring Bone Stud Body Piercing Jewelry

Make you charmer and more exquisite. Pleasent and attractive, right for going gathering or banquet, Its different outline will get you look remarkable. Mark New 100% & High quality, Eye it-Buy it, Just Enjoy your shopping from here, Thanks. The size of this nose ring might be 2cm/1 crawl incorrectness because of hand measure; Color might be minimal diverse because of the screen, a debt of gratitude is for your comprehension. They don’t stick on my nose said by one of the customers; they lie level. They are thin similar to a straight stick, and it sits on the nose like a piece of sparkle. An immaculate fit for the look I need. I requested the mix shaded one and yes there was. Only ensure you hit the blended shading and not precious stone ones.

FIBO STEEL 20G 2-5PCS Stainless Steel Body Jewelry Piercing Nose Ring Hoop

FIBO STEEL principle take part in offering a broad range of astounding stainless steel nose rings at the reasonable cost. Best shopping knowledge is our primary objective that we attempt our best to arrive steadily. They are utilizing surgical stainless steel, which is lead and nickel free, sturdy and hypoallergenic material watch over your wellbeing. It has high clean completed smooth surface to make it wearing with no torment. It is incredible eclectro-plate, longer shading keeping time. They got different sizes and distinctive hues to meet your day by day wearing.

Okay, I was super distrustful about purchasing nose rings off Amazon. I generally, just buy body adornments from an interesting issue. In any case, I figured I give this a shot since it had high audits and it was an extraordinary cost for five nose rings. I’m so content with this buy! I was anxious about the size since I didn’t see numerous photos of the nose rings in individuals confront yet FIBO steel nose rings are the ideal size. I cherish every one of the hues they look precisely like the photo. I am exceptionally shocked and satisfied client.


For the initial two months after you get the penetrating, you ought to be to a significant degree cautious with how you handle the zone. The injury takes a long measure of time to totally seal, and on the off chance that you inadvertently touch it without washing your hands it could spell the end of your regular, recuperating process. At the point when washing your hands, try to utilize antibacterial cleanser. Just touch your nose and puncturing if you have as of late washed them. You’ll need to clean the range at any rate twice per day and tinker with the nose ring to ensure it doesn’t get adhered to your skin.

Nose Ring Infection

Since the ligament of your nose mends much slower than that of, say, your ear cartilage, the area inclined to contamination. On top of that, it’s a region where we usually touch or scratch with our microbe-filled hands. Moreover, that you don’t rehearse incredible aftercare, then your nose ring could transform into a nose contamination. It is ordinary for the range to hurt a tad bit and swell up after you get it penetrated, so you won’t have the capacity to tell instantly although anything terrible is going on. Following four days, the swelling and tingling ought to achieve their pinnacle. Furthermore, that your nose turns out to be more aggravated or aroused after the four-day check, you should see a specialist.

womens part

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