20 ways to lose weight without diet or exercise


Long ago there was only two tricks to lose weight which are Dieting Or

Exercising. Even thought they are well known in the world of losing

weight but they may cause a lot of health problems. Starving yourself

may cause heart problems because your metabolism is not easy to be


Also the hormones activities in women are different that men.

Slimming down is a dream of every woman and man to enjoy better

and healthy life but the question is how, taking into consideration

their inability to Dieting Or Exercising.

Dieting Or Exercising may not possible for everyone due to health


However there are several effective and scientifically proven ways that

can help in reducing your weight without starving yourself or

Exercising and to prevent weight gain in the future as well.

The following are 20 ways to lose weight without diet or exercise. All

are scientifically tested.

1- Cooling Off, lower your heater a bit. The experts say that when you

live in an cool environment your body will start automaticaly burning


2- Getting the chinese acupunture is one of the famous techniques in

in order to burn body fat.

3- Using Brain waves to order your body to start burning fat.

4- Drinking red smoothie detox in order to cleanse your body from

harmful particles and in this way you lose weight without starving

your self or jogging.

5- Eating veggie with meat ( no bread or rise)

6- Eating veggie with Bread or rice (no meat)

7- Drinking a lot of water before every meal

8- Get smaller belly by a surgery.

9. Chew your food better and Slow

10. Using a smaller plate may help eating less especially when eating

unhealthy food.

11. Serving healthy meal on a bigger plate.

12. Eating more Protein will increase the feeling of fullness, reducing

hunger and eating lesser calories.

13. Keeping the Unhealthy Foods Out of Sight may help in reducing


14. Eating fiber-rich meals may increase the fuller feeling for longer


15. Serving Smaller Portions encourage in eating less and consequently

decreasing in weight gain and obesity.

16. Eating Without Electronic Distraction such as watching TV, playing

computer games or making call phones.

17. Sleeping well and avoiding stress will have powerful effect on your

appetite and weight.

18. Sugary drinks have been linked to an increased risk of weight gain.

19. Time Your Meals. This is one of the best habits for losing weight

without a complicated diet program.

20. Eat More Whole Grains you lose weight faster.

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