Helix Piercing – Pain, Infection, Jewelry, Healing Time,Detailed Report

The secret of Helix Piercings

There are a number of people who have helix piercing in their ears Helix piercing is better
known as cartilage piercing and this is usually done in the upper part of the ear. The Helixis known to be one of the most popular piercing in America.

Helix piercing

Helix piercing



What is a Helix Piercing?

The Helix piercing is one of the most popular forms of Piercing that are seen in American
women. The Helix piercing is a perforation of the helix or the upper ear for inserting and
wearing an earring. Helix piercing was previously done with the help of a gun trigger.
However, nowadays many people get their ears pierced with the help of a small sterile
needle from a professional piercing center. A Helix piercing is easy and simple to
perform, provided you get it done by a good expert. It is better to perform a helix piercing
with the help of a hoop ring or a captive bead ring. A barbell is also a good option and this kind of piecing is known as an industrial piercing.

Is Helix piercing painful to perform?

The helix or cartilage does not have any nerve endings. Therefore, you would not feel any
kind of pain while they are getting pierced. There are, however, some individuals who
experience pain during the piercing procedure. This is due to the pressure that is applied
by the piercer to perforate the cartilage. The pain varies from person to person. Some
people may have the courage to stand the pain while others may break down in tears. The
piercing is also dependant on the person who is involved. If the person were a proven
expert, then you would have no problems during the process. The pain, however, lasts for
a short period of time in about 1 minute. The pain may trigger when the jewellery is placed in the pierced hole.

Where can you get your ear helix pierced?

In previous times, a gun trigger shot in a mall or a parlor pierced helix or ear cartilages. It
is, however, advisable to get an ear helix pierced from a professional person who is an
expert in piercing, as he would know the exact way to pierce the ear. You would need to
sit on a piercing chair that looks like a dentist’s chair, and the piercer would mark on the
ear, which you would need to approve. The piercer will then put the needle into the mark
and the jewellery would be inserted immediately after the piercing is done.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get One or Both of Them

In order to have a first or a second helix piercing done, when she is matured enough. It
should be avoided at a young age, as your child may not be able to sit still while piercing,
or she may face pain after the procedure is over. It is however best to have a cartilage
piercing done when she is above 13 years olds so that she is mature enough and can stand the pain and an also cooperate during the aftercare treatment.

How is the helix piercing done?

Helix piercing can be simple if done with the help of a good professional. Since the
piercing is done at a place where there are no nerves, it does not hurt much. However,
there are times when there may be a little pain. Helix piercing is done with the help of a
thin and sterile needle that is about 18 gauges. A mark is done on the ear and the needle is
pierced on the mark and a perforation is done. A cork may be placed in the ear opening so
that any tool does not accidentally get inserted in the ear canal. The person must sit
steadily while the whole procedure takes place. Jewellery is immediately inserted inside
the perforation. Ensure that piercing guns are not used as they may result in immediate
shocks and cannot be sterilized as well. If there is little bleeding, you need not be worried about the same.



What jewellery should you use for a helix piercing?

A helix piercing can be best done with a bar, as hoops are known to be more susceptible to
infections. That is usually because; bacteria’s are caught in the curve and then can infect
the ear hole. Always ensure that the jewellery is sterile before being inserted into the ear.
Always avoid use of metals, which you have allergy to. Helix piercing can be done with the
use handcrafted septum helix ring, small helix gold ring, small helix piercing studs and
barbells. You can also adorn your helix with a variety of decorative jewellery like labret
studs, horseshoe circular barbell, ball closure ring, hoops or studs, or spiral shaped heart jewellery.

Helix piercing

Helix piercing

The Aftercare for Helix piercing

Though Helix piercing is easy to perform, there are a few Aftercare tips that you would
need to follow after the piercing has been done. Use of cell phone, sleeping on the ear that
has been pierced, touching the ear hole with dirty fingers and ignoring the aftercare tips
may result in severe infection that may take months to cure. Always try and avoid
touching the pierced part with dirty hands. Wash your hands properly with warm saline
water and soap before touching the ear hole. Touch the piercing as less as possible and try
and avoid contact with pools, other body fluids, and beauty sprays. Also, do not play with
the jewellery and twist it and it may irritate the fistula. Clean the pierced part with warm
water and then spray with sterile saline. You can also use anti-bacterial soaps comprising triclosan.

Can the jewellery be changed after some time?

Some piercing can take three months to heal while some piercing may take time more
than that. It is, however, advisable to change an earring at least after three months so that
you give time for the piercing to heal properly. You can also change the earring after six months or so.

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