Who’s wearing cowboy boots?


Cowboy boots have been considered a Western-style riding, torn between functional clothing and pop

culture. Most men will go through life without wearing the boot because they see no fancy in this style.

Unless you were brought up among men who wore such boots, they may appear more of a novelty and nothing stylish.

For a savvy dresser, however, there is more to a cowboy boot than a fancy costume. When you get up

close to this shoe that looks like a piece of leather from a distance, you will see distinct advantages such

as its unique shape, some added weight and decoration, uniqueness and fun.

Who’s wearing cowboy boots?

You probably think of a suit and tie whenever the world politician is mentioned but if you are wondering

who is wearing cowboy boots, it is time you got word of this politician that is challenging the social

norm. His name is Rand Paul, perhaps the most unconventional republican in this age.

The Kentucky senator has been criticized for his attire but he seems not to bother. He showed up in an

annual conservative meet-up wearing jeans and a pair of cowboy boots .Some of his supporters regarded

this as a laid-back outfit that could only appeal to young voters and not the older conservatives.

Despite widespread scrutiny of his wardrobe choices, Paul is not anywhere near ditching cowboy boots

and jeans because this is his signature style. In a recent interview where he was questioned over his style,

he regarded himself as a black turtleneck and expressed satisfaction in his attire.

In essence, he is one of the guys wearing cowboy boots in a field that is considered rather too formal.

However, there are so many ways in which cowboy boots can be won to bring out a mature and trendy

picture. It may be a Western-style boot style but if you want to pull something out of the ordinary, it is definitely an option for any man.

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