How To Choose Weight Loss Program

Have you been struggling to lose weight off of your body? Have you been looking around checking which program to go for? If you are, then you are not alone. There are quite a number of people like you who have been in the same situation, who are struggling, and later on have overcome the biggest obstacle of their lives – being obese and unhealthy. Every journey starts with that one step. The first step you should be going for is to get the right program. This is done by simply following through what has been enumerated down below.

Here are the factors to consider in choosing the right weight loss program:

1. Go for a program that help you keep off the excess weight from you body on the long run.

First, things you want to go for a program of which it can enable you to lose the weight and keep it like that for years to come. You do not want to go for one that willl give you an immediate fix and later on, you will see yourself gaining more pounds compared to have what you have lost.

2. Contains guidance regarding eating the right kinds of food and exercise.

Second, go for a program that gives you a run through from start to finish (hitting your ideal weight) and then maintaining your weight. Remember, it should be a combination of proper diet and exercise. This way you will be able to feed your body with the right nutrients while keeping your body physically strong.

3. Consist of ongoing feedback, support and monitoring system.

Third, be sure to go for a weight loss program that has a system wherein you can easily give feedback, someone will be able to answer your inquiries, issues, and concerns. Plus, your progress can be monitored as well. In this way, you will feel that you are not all alone. You can do it with the help of the program and the people behind it.

4. Weight loss should be within the mark of half a pound to two pounds a week.

Fourth, weight loss should be within the average range of half a pount to two pounds a week. If it is way more than that, you need to be cautious. This can create a drastic change in your body and also, you are losing the pounds off the healthy way. Be sure that you are losing the weight just within that mark.

There you have it four factors to consider on how to choose weight loss program. At the end of the day, it is your body, it is your life. Own it! Do not be a slave to your own weight. Be full of life. Be sure to pick the right program that best suits you. Get help from the experts if you are in doubt. Remember, after all the hard work you will see the end result. The last step you need to take is to maintain the weight.

Boost Your Metabolic Rate – The Easy Way!


We do know that as we age, our metabolic rate decreases as well. You may have observe for yourself that even if you are eating the same amount of food when you are in your teenage years and then now that your are in your 30s, it seems you are adding more weight to your body. The body tend to expand and right before you know it you are already obese.

So, what are you going to do now? All it takes is for you to boost your metabolic rate by taking the necessary actions. They are but simple and easy to remember. Plus, you need not spend much money on them, too. A simple change in your lifestyle can make a huge difference.

The following are tips on how to boost your metabolic rate:

1. Have your breakfast no matter what.

People have this notion that you will be losing weight when you skip breakfast. Think again! Do you know that it can ruin your metabolism. Skipping the most important meal of the day is a big no. If you are running late and do not have time to eat, you could always grab a fruit or yogurt. That’s it! Never leave home with an empty stomach.

2. Snacks, in between please.

Having snacks before lunch and dinner time can help big time. This will enable you to have all the needed energy to go througout the day without having to feel bloated, or having to eat a huge meal to cover up the hunger. You can see a huge difference on how your day feeling energetic, and be able to do the things you needed to do without feeling tired at all.

3. Keep your body hydrated.

Do you know that when you drink lots of water you are increasing your metabolism? This means you can shed off few pounds from your weight in a year. Basically, just go with the minimum of 8 glasses and start from there. You will even see a difference on your skin and your energy level, too.

4. Eat fiber rich and high protein foods.

Keep this in mind – eat foods that contain fiber and protein. You need these two types of foods for your body. Protein is good for building lean muscle while fiber acts like a broom, cleaning your tummy. You can go for chicken or any lean meat and fruits or vegetables. The choice is all up to you. Having a good mix can go a long way.

It might be a little bit of overwhelming at first. What you can do is to follow through one tip at a time. Try having your breakfast everyday this week. Then, next week, have your breakfast and have snacks, next week and so on. You will be surprised that you are getting used with it and it has now becoming a habit for you. The next time you know it, you have everything that has been said above to boost your metabolic rate.

20 ways to lose weight without diet or exercise


Long ago there was only two tricks to lose weight which are Dieting Or

Exercising. Even thought they are well known in the world of losing

weight but they may cause a lot of health problems. Starving yourself

may cause heart problems because your metabolism is not easy to be


Also the hormones activities in women are different that men.

Slimming down is a dream of every woman and man to enjoy better

and healthy life but the question is how, taking into consideration

their inability to Dieting Or Exercising.

Dieting Or Exercising may not possible for everyone due to health


However there are several effective and scientifically proven ways that

can help in reducing your weight without starving yourself or

Exercising and to prevent weight gain in the future as well.

The following are 20 ways to lose weight without diet or exercise. All

are scientifically tested.

1- Cooling Off, lower your heater a bit. The experts say that when you

live in an cool environment your body will start automaticaly burning


2- Getting the chinese acupunture is one of the famous techniques in

in order to burn body fat.

3- Using Brain waves to order your body to start burning fat.

4- Drinking red smoothie detox in order to cleanse your body from

harmful particles and in this way you lose weight without starving

your self or jogging.

5- Eating veggie with meat ( no bread or rise)

6- Eating veggie with Bread or rice (no meat)

7- Drinking a lot of water before every meal

8- Get smaller belly by a surgery.

9. Chew your food better and Slow

10. Using a smaller plate may help eating less especially when eating

unhealthy food.

11. Serving healthy meal on a bigger plate.

12. Eating more Protein will increase the feeling of fullness, reducing

hunger and eating lesser calories.

13. Keeping the Unhealthy Foods Out of Sight may help in reducing


14. Eating fiber-rich meals may increase the fuller feeling for longer


15. Serving Smaller Portions encourage in eating less and consequently

decreasing in weight gain and obesity.

16. Eating Without Electronic Distraction such as watching TV, playing

computer games or making call phones.

17. Sleeping well and avoiding stress will have powerful effect on your

appetite and weight.

18. Sugary drinks have been linked to an increased risk of weight gain.

19. Time Your Meals. This is one of the best habits for losing weight

without a complicated diet program.

20. Eat More Whole Grains you lose weight faster.

Does A Tragus Piercings Hurt? You Must Be Reading This Detailed Report Before Add Extra Earring

This is all the main information  you need to know about a tragus piercing

Where, Exactly, Is The Tragus?

tragus piercing

A tragus piercings is the puncture of the tragus, ( The tragus is a small pointed eminence of the outer ear,

located in front of the conch, and outstanding backward over the meatus. The piercing is usually made

with a tiny caliber blank piercing needle.

Tragus Piercing Kit

In order to perform The Tragus Piercing you need the following Kit which includes:

  • 18 Gauge Sterilized Piercing Needles
  • Receiving Cork
  • Benzalkonium Chloride towelettes
  • Anti-Bacterial Lubricant
  • Non-Latex Gloves
  • Skin Preparation Applications
  • Straight Barbell or Captive Bead Ring

What’s The Pain Level Compared To Other Piercings?

tragus piercing

Skin piercing will sting to a different degree based on place and the nerve endings concentration. But

when pierced properly by a professional the tragus registers low on the pain-o-meter.

 What’s The Risk For earing Damage?

Ear piercing carries inherent dangers and health risks. Ear cartilage piercings include the helix, conch,

tragus, daith and industrial. These piercings use barbells, rings or studs in different parts of the ear.

During warm weather and shortly after the piercing has taken place the risk of an ear piercing becoming

infected. Piercings in the earlobe run a comparatively low risk of infection; high ear piercings of the upper ear cartilage are more apt to infection.

High ear piercing infections lead to a greater risk of serious infections including Staphylococcus and

Pseudomonas. An infected abscess can cause death if the infection is severe. Long straight barbells,

spikes, rings or earrings that dangle from the lobe of jewelry can be worn in an ear piercing once a piercing is fully healed:

Each type of ear jewelry carries a risk of snagging on clothing, towels or other objects when snagged, an earring can tear the piercing.

Tragus Piercing Pain
Piercing a place of the body to showcase jewellery piece is surely going to cause some pain. However, the

pain associated with the tragus piercings depends on different factors. The skill of the piercer is an important factor that can relieve or raise the piercing pain.

Mostly, those piercers are experts and know how to do the job safely with the least amount of pain. But

different people have a different reaction against pain. some people can bare great amount of pain but others might have a hard time coping with it.

The tragus jewellery  and tragus earrings also plays a critical role in relieving the discomfort and pain.

Straight accessories like a barbell is producing less pain than a bead ring.

Mostly, tragus piercing does not produce much of a pain, but few people have some feeling of pressure or discomfort shortly after the tragus piercing is done.

 How Should I Care For It While It Heals?

Tragus Piercing Aftercare

The piercing by a professional body piercer using the best quality planting steel captive bead ring or stud

under sterilized conditions is not enough to guarantee normal healing. You must learn the correct

cartilage piercing care to make sure that piercing heals well and with no problems.
Wash the piercing with clean water or a saline solution or Let shower water run over the piercing without soap from shampoo.

Pat dry the area after it is properly cleaned using hypoallergenic jewelry that fits snugly in place.

In case the wound hurts use saline to soak it a little bit to help with healing.

Always make sure that your hands are clean and dry first when you touch the piercing.

Eat more nutritious foods, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly to have a strong immune system to prevent infection.

keeping the bedding and pillows case clean will help preventing infection.

To make it short you have to do the following:

– Clean the tragus area at least two times a day

– Playing with your piercings is forbiden.

– Using antibiotic ointments is not advisable.

– Dress your pillows in a big clean t-shirt and change it every night to ensure the cleanliness of your pillows.

– Ensure cleanliness of telephones, headphones, eyeglasses, helmets, hats, and anything that contacts the pierced area.

– Be careful during styling your hair and inform your stylist of a new piercings.

 Can Everyone Get A Tragus Piercing?

Of course adults are allowed to get a Tragus Piercing not kids. Adults can take care of the wound and

keep it cleen until it heals. Alos taking care of the Tragus piercing after it is healed is very important because any misuse of the tools of the daily use will lead to a big disaster if it snagging.

What Type Of Earring Is Best For The Tragus?

When buying a tragus earring the gauge is the most important thing to consider because it can make

infection and annoyance if the improper size is worn. The most common is tragus jewelry 16g because it

is thin and goes in easily. Wearing bigger size can lead to dangerous infection therefor when you get your piercing done, ask your piercer what size of gauge can be used for the same.

 tragus piercing jewelry


tragus piercing

tragus piercing

There are wide choices of jewellery that can worn including labret studs, barbells and ball closure rings.

You can search the internet for those choices or you can consult with the piercer for that purpose. Once

the tragus piercing heals one can wear just about any kind of rings. Most young people head for small barbells or tiny circular rings depending on how small the area is.

How the piercing is done?

tragus piercing

Since the tragus is harder than other parts of the body tragus piercings demands more pressure from the

piercer unlike nose piercings. You are advised not to do this piercing at home as it can lead to serious complications. The piercing steps will be as follows:

1 lie down, upside down or right on the back.

2– Placing a cock within the canal to prevent damage to the ear.

3– Cleaning the area completely to avoid infections.

4– The tragus is pierced with some pressure with the help of a curved or straight hollow sterilized needle.

5– Natural bleeding is to occur but it is not to worry about

This was Detailed Report about tragus piercing. follow our magazine for more info about all fashion and women issues .


If you want to be different, then some cool ” Helix piercing ” will certainly help

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Rook Piercing: Care, Healing Time, Pain, Jewelry, Price, Detailed Report

Rook piercing

The rook piercing is likewise administered for much like some other ear ligament pierce. Salt drenches (warm water (ideally disinfected by bubbling) blended with a little measure of sea salt) are prescribed twice every day for the main month or two. These doses will mellow any dried lymph, clean the puncturing and also the jewelry, somewhat disinfect the territory because of the salt, and mitigate swelling and soreness. The warm water additionally urges blood stream to the zone supporting in the mending procedure. Washing the range once every day tenderly with the liquid cleanser, and hotter water will diminish the odds of contamination. In a perfect world, an antimicrobial cleanser ought to be utilized, however for the vast majority an aroma free and color free fluid antibacterial cleanser, will suffice.

One must be mindful so as not to over-wash the skin area as this can prompt drying the zone out. Liquor and peroxide ought to likewise not used for the same reason. Antibacterial and antimicrobial treatments, (for example, Neosporin) ought to never utilize as they close the injury from accepting any air. One ought to abstain from touching the territory however much as could reasonably be expected, and if essential, wash their hands previously. Care should take when changing shirts so that the adornments aren’t pulled and additionally when utilizing a phone as the collector may spread germs to the injury, and the weight can postpone mending. Generally, for the vast majority, the zone is tucked into the ear more so than most other ligament piercings and is less helpless to accidental knocks and thumps.

How is rook piercing done?

A rook piercing is a puncturing of the antihelix of the ear with the end goal of wearing adornments. It is found simply over the tragus on edge between the inward and external conch with the piercing going from the underside to the highest point of this edge, contrasting from numerous ear piercings that traverse between a “front” and “back” surface. Erik Dakota, an expert piercer and the individual in charge of advancing the rook piercing, is said to have named this adjustment after an abbreviated rendition of his first name. The piercing was initially named in issue #4 of the magazine Body Play and Modern Primitives Quarterly (distributed by Fakir Musafar) around 1992 close by the originally printed reference to the mechanical piercing, then named “mechanical ear extend.”

The technique is done correspondingly to different piercings of the ligament of the ear. The Clasps might utilize however it is done freehand. Once the zone is clean, the piercer and the customer will concede to a situation, in spite of the fact that as a result of its areas it can be hard to see precisely where the passageway and leave openings will be. For the most part, the piercer will prompt the customer on the best area. The passageway and leave openings are checks, and an empty needle pushed through. Numerous expert piercers will utilize either a 14g or 16g needle as a matter of course, in spite of the fact that it is conceivable to use much bigger gages. The jewelry was then embedded, and the piercing completely was done.

Rook piercing

How much does a rook piercing cost?

I’ve seen piercings begin around $10 including adornments and go up to $100 excluding the gems. Most rook piercings will extend from around $35 to $75. Pick your piercer carefully and request that look through their portfolio. Acclimate yourself with where the arrangement ought to be by glancing around on Google.

Nervous about ROOK PIERCING?

I had seen this kind of rook piercing two or three times before and completely adored it! It’s the sort of piercing that would make you take a second look however it’s not very self-evident. I’m not one with awesome resistance for agony. I jump at the chance to think I may be a tad since, I, play unpleasant games like Rugby but at the same time, I, am not by any stretch of the imagination pierced all that much possibly (I have my firsts and second gaps in my flaps). So after around a decent significant portion of a year of level headed discussion, on the off the cuff, I chose to go downtown and complete it, so it’s not that much nervous.

Rook piercing

Which hurts more, an industrial or rook piercing?

In general sense, an industrial is only two rook piercings. It, in fact, is any two piercings associated by adornments and I’ve had a mechanical that was helix to pierce and I have one that is rook to conch, however, as a rule, its two rook piercings. So although that you have had a helix penetrating, then you realize what the mechanical will like. Just it’s twice in one sitting.

Honestly, the measure of agony when to proceeds with rook isn’t applicable to the torment you will feel. It will be diverse for everybody. Near the torment of a rook piercing which has never been awful? The second week it was to a high degree excruciating. After that week it was all right. But it is true, everybody’s experience will be distinctive.

Is There A Risk For Hearing Damage?

Variables that may harm or prompt loss of the hairs and nerve cells in your inward ear include:
Maturing: Degeneration of sensitive internal ear structures happens after some time.

Noisy Environment: Presentation to louder sounds can harm the cells of your inward ear. Injury can occur with long haul presentation to louder clamors, or from level, impact of commotion, for example, from a shot.

Heredity: Your genetic makeup may make you more vulnerable to ear harm from sound or weakening from maturing.

Occupational Noises: Jobs where loud noise is a regular part of the working environment, such as farming, construction or factory work, can lead to damage inside your ear.

Word Related Clamors: Occupations where louder commotion is a standard part of the workplace, for example, cultivating, development or industrial facility work, can prompt harm inside your ear.

Recreational Noises: Presentation to dangerous commotions, for instance, from guns and stream motors, can bring about quick, changeless listening to misfortune. Other recreational exercises with hazardously high clamor levels incorporate snowmobiling, motorcycling or listening to louder music.

A Few Meds: Medications, for example, the anti-toxin gentamicin and certain chemotherapy drugs, can harm the inward ear. Transitory consequences for your listening ability — ringing in the ear (tinnitus) or listening to misfortune — can happen on the off chance that you take high measurements of ibuprofen, other torment relievers, antimalarial medications or circle diuretics.

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nose piercing & Nose Rings – Detailed Report

The history of nose piercing:

Nose Rings

The second-most popular place after ears to get a body piercing is the nose. The first popular place is tragus.
Click here to know every thing about tragus piercing

A long time existence in African, West Asia and South American cultures, this small place of body jewelry has gone from rare to almost everywhere in USA and Europian counties.

Nose piercing is mentioned in the Bible 4000 years ago and was first recorded in the Middle East . But

there is signs that nose piercing relics were discovered even around 6000 years ago. Nose piercing was common in the ancient African tribes and the Bedouins of the Middle East. The wealthy people are wearing very large rings in their  noses to denote their position in the society.

In India left nostril was a common place for a nose piercing because it was connected with female sexual

organs and they believed that the nose piercing in this place would make the birth of a child is easier.

Hippies brought the tradition of nose piercing to the West Europe and America In the late 1960’s

Nowadays the Middle East and Africa tribes still keep up the nose piercing tradition and have their nose

pierced. In the western society, nose piercing is usually done for the sake of beauty and styling.

Almost all celebrities have more than one piercing on different parts of their body and they show it

public with pride. Janet Jackson, Sinead O’Connor, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna and many other celebrities have nose piercings with beautiful rings.

Who can use nose piercing:

Any adult can use nose piercing provided that he does not suffer from allergy.

The Types of nose piercings:

The nose piercing lovers have to choose one of three types of nose piercing which are:

* Nostril piercing,

* Nasal septum piercing and

* Bridge piercing.

1- Nostril piercing as it has been earlier mentioned was

common in India and the left nostril piercings were believed to make childbirth painless and easy. Also

nostril nose piercings were done in the ancient world to demonstrate the warrior position in the tribe and sometimes as a religious reference

Years ago nose piercing was considered a sign of a rebellion or punk but now it’s no longer felt that way.

You can have any of your nostrils pierced and the exact place of a hole is chosen by you and your piercing

professional because you must feel comfortable with your new piercing and it’s important to choose the right place for it.

2- Septum piercing

is the piercing of the cartilage that separates the nostrils in the sliver of thin skin near the septum.

Round barbells and captive bead rings are the usually worn jewelry for a septum piercing. Different sizes

and styles are available in the market so you can enjoy new outlook as you like. Septum piercing gauging

is also favorable but it’s a rather long process. Both septum and nostril piercings are almost painless.

3- Bridge piercing

is placed on the upper part of the nose between the eyes. The risk of scarring and infection during bridge piercing procedure is rather high.

This type of nose piercing is usually pierced with a straight barbell. Should you decide to get bridge

piercing, you must ask your piercer about the detailed information about risks that involved in this operation.

As all sorts of piercings, nose piercing requires aftercare. during the first two months. With new nose piercing you should follow these main recommendations .

What are the aftercare procedures:

These are your guides to painless and quick healing process for your piercings.

1- Keep your piercing places clean (use saline solution) at least twice a day in order to clean it.

2- Touching your piercing and the jewelry is not recommended.

3- Before using cleaning solution ( don’t use hydrogen peroxide ) it is advisable to wash your hands.

4. Take good care when using a towel especially when you dry your face.

5- Be careful when you blow your nose.

6- Use legal medicine, stop smoking and not taking out the piercing ring will expedite the healing process.

7- make an ice compress In case the piercing turns into red and swallow. consult your doctor as soon as you feel that the pain is intolerable.

When can I use the nose ring:

You can fully enjoy the piercing after your piercing is fully healed and wear the jewelry you want but first

you have to make sure that you don’t have allergy on the regular jewelry materials in the market such as

gold, silver steel and titanium. stainless steel rings are recommended as it is the best. Buying all nose

piercing jewellery from a piercer is highly recommend to make sure of its sterilizing.

Q And A:

1- what does the procedure entail?

You sit down in the studio, your nose will be wiped with an antibacterial wipe. you have to keep your

head perfectly straight and a mark will be made on the place where your nose will be pierced. by using a

small hollow metal tube to stick partially in your nose to protect the rest of your nose from the piercing

needle. Close your eyes in a relaxed posture breathe in, pierce, then breathe out. Your stud in and you’re

done. the piercing will sting since your nose is quite sensitive therfore your eyes may water.

2- How long is the healing process?

The healing process vary from one person to another but usually it will take maximum two months.

3- If you want to take ring out eventually the hole will not close and the scarring is just an unseen hole.

4- What the best nose rings are ?

Nose Rings

Nose Rings
the best nose rings are:
* Bone/Pin/Stud: This is a short post-style piece of jewelry with a small bead or decoration that rests on the outside of the nostril.

* Screw: It has a short post that goes into a small curl which works instead of a backing to hold the jewelry in place.

* U-Bend: just for septum piercings. It is a small “U”-shaped piece that can be worn with the ends flipped up inside the nostrils

* Spike: straight taper worn horizontally through the piercing, with pointed ends that stick out. Not for new piercings!

5- How do I remove a full circle nose ring?

Use hemostats or scissors to pry the opening open. Just turn your nose ring to where the opening is

facing outward and slowly slide them inside the circle of the ring then slowly open the scissors to widen

the opening of the ring more than a 1/4 of an inch enough to be able to remove it with ease. Then close

the scissors and slide them out of the ring, then slowly rotate your nose ring until the opening reaches

the inside of your nose and your able to remove it!

6- How much does it cost (approx)? Is that price with or without jewelry?

The piercing cost between $50 and $100. It depends on how famous the professional that does that piercing. This price does not include the cost of the ring.

7- How painful the piercing:

Nose Rings

Piercing sting will cause bearable pain which last no longer than minutes.

6- How long until you can change it?

As long as the hole is healed you can wear whatever you like and change the rings any time you want.

7- How to Clean a Nose Piercing

Nose Rings

Prepare a Salt Solution,
Soak a Cotton Ball in the Salt Solution,
Pat the Area Dry,
Remove Any Crusting.

Nose Rings!! Which are some most adorable Nose Rings

Nose rings are a delightful supplement to any individual, highlighting the characteristic shadows and impressions of the territory. They are seen as incredibly precious adornments all through each culture of the world, doing a reversal for whatever length of time that history has recorded. Getting a nose ring may plague at first what happens if something turns out badly? What happens on the off chance that you sniffle? What happens on the off chance that you lose the nose ring and you, are only staying, with an opening for anyone’s viewing pleasure? All things considered, I can guarantee it’s not that sensational. Nothing happens on the off chance that you wheeze, and on the off chance that you don’t wear your nose ring regularly the injury will generally, shut everything down a scar. In today’s article, we’ll be concentrating on the various kinds of Nose Rings which suits best to your style and character!

2pcs 20g Nose Ring Piercing Hoop 5/16.”

Parcel of 20 Straight Nose Studs with top notch Rhinestones. It will be ideal if you note you will get a blend of 20 plans that all have different sizes and outlines. A mix of Straight studs can be custom twisted into an L shape for a custom fit! You will get ONE nose ring backing with every buy of a 20 Pack.

So, this is a 22G. Much appreciated so much and had an extraordinary day. The nose ring is entirely little. It is an 18g will be greater than a 22 or 20. Right around .5 crawl and there straight no little knock resource the end like typical ones, however, you can twist them to your preferring.


Rhinestone Stainless Steel Nose Ring Body Jewelry, 6 Count

It’s simply level truly, doesn’t look adorable. I don’t have the foggiest idea about the estimation as in numbers. The stud part was tiny to the points that it went right tossed the gap in my nose. I sent them back for a discount. They are clearly efficiently made. It was practically similar to a thin wire. It is slight small nose ring, ideal for a downplayed look for almost everyone as my optimal size for a nose stud. Any the precious stones haven’t dropped out at all either. In any case, if your nose is somewhat fatter you may need to twist the curved section a bit!

Lisli® 60x Rhinestone Stainless Steel Crystal Nose Ring Bone Stud Body Piercing Jewelry

Make you charmer and more exquisite. Pleasent and attractive, right for going gathering or banquet, Its different outline will get you look remarkable. Mark New 100% & High quality, Eye it-Buy it, Just Enjoy your shopping from here, Thanks. The size of this nose ring might be 2cm/1 crawl incorrectness because of hand measure; Color might be minimal diverse because of the screen, a debt of gratitude is for your comprehension. They don’t stick on my nose said by one of the customers; they lie level. They are thin similar to a straight stick, and it sits on the nose like a piece of sparkle. An immaculate fit for the look I need. I requested the mix shaded one and yes there was. Only ensure you hit the blended shading and not precious stone ones.

FIBO STEEL 20G 2-5PCS Stainless Steel Body Jewelry Piercing Nose Ring Hoop

FIBO STEEL principle take part in offering a broad range of astounding stainless steel nose rings at the reasonable cost. Best shopping knowledge is our primary objective that we attempt our best to arrive steadily. They are utilizing surgical stainless steel, which is lead and nickel free, sturdy and hypoallergenic material watch over your wellbeing. It has high clean completed smooth surface to make it wearing with no torment. It is incredible eclectro-plate, longer shading keeping time. They got different sizes and distinctive hues to meet your day by day wearing.

Okay, I was super distrustful about purchasing nose rings off Amazon. I generally, just buy body adornments from an interesting issue. In any case, I figured I give this a shot since it had high audits and it was an extraordinary cost for five nose rings. I’m so content with this buy! I was anxious about the size since I didn’t see numerous photos of the nose rings in individuals confront yet FIBO steel nose rings are the ideal size. I cherish every one of the hues they look precisely like the photo. I am exceptionally shocked and satisfied client.


For the initial two months after you get the penetrating, you ought to be to a significant degree cautious with how you handle the zone. The injury takes a long measure of time to totally seal, and on the off chance that you inadvertently touch it without washing your hands it could spell the end of your regular, recuperating process. At the point when washing your hands, try to utilize antibacterial cleanser. Just touch your nose and puncturing if you have as of late washed them. You’ll need to clean the range at any rate twice per day and tinker with the nose ring to ensure it doesn’t get adhered to your skin.

Nose Ring Infection

Since the ligament of your nose mends much slower than that of, say, your ear cartilage, the area inclined to contamination. On top of that, it’s a region where we usually touch or scratch with our microbe-filled hands. Moreover, that you don’t rehearse incredible aftercare, then your nose ring could transform into a nose contamination. It is ordinary for the range to hurt a tad bit and swell up after you get it penetrated, so you won’t have the capacity to tell instantly although anything terrible is going on. Following four days, the swelling and tingling ought to achieve their pinnacle. Furthermore, that your nose turns out to be more aggravated or aroused after the four-day check, you should see a specialist.

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Helix Piercing – Pain, Infection, Jewelry, Healing Time,Detailed Repor

The secret of Helix Piercings

There are a number of people who have helix piercing in their ears Helix piercing is better
known as cartilage piercing and this is usually done in the upper part of the ear. The Helixis known to be one of the most popular piercing in America.


helix piercing


What is a Helix Piercing?

The Helix piercing is one of the most popular forms of Piercing that are seen in American
women. The helix piercing is a perforation of the helix or the upper ear for inserting and
wearing an earring. Helix piercing was previously done with the help of a gun trigger.
However, nowadays many people get their ears pierced with the help of a small sterile
needle from a professional piercing center. A Helix piercing is easy and simple to
perform, provided you get it done by a good expert. It is better to perform a helix piercing
with the help of a hoop ring or a captive bead ring. A barbell is also a good option and this kind of piecing is known as an industrial piercing.

Is Helix piercing painful to perform?

The helix or cartilage does not have any nerve endings. Therefore, you would not feel any
kind of pain while they are getting pierced. There are, however, some individuals who
experience pain during the piercing procedure. This is due to the pressure that is applied
by the piercer to perforate the cartilage. The pain varies from person to person. Some
people may have the courage to stand the pain while others may break down in tears. The
piercing is also dependant on the person who is involved. If the person were a proven
expert, then you would have no problems during the process. The pain, however, lasts for
a short period of time in about 1 minute. The pain may trigger when the jewellery is placed in the pierced hole.

Where can you get your ear helix pierced?

In previous times, a gun trigger shot in a mall or a parlor pierced helix or ear cartilages. It
is, however, advisable to get an ear helix pierced from a professional person who is an
expert in piercing, as he would know the exact way to pierce the ear. You would need to
sit on a piercing chair that looks like a dentist’s chair, and the piercer would mark on the
ear, which you would need to approve. The piercer will then put the needle into the mark
and the jewellery would be inserted immediately after the piercing is done.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get One or Both of Them

In order to have a first or a second helix piercing done, when she is matured enough. It
should be avoided at a young age, as your child may not be able to sit still while piercing,
or she may face pain after the procedure is over. It is however best to have a cartilage
piercing done when she is above 13 years olds so that she is mature enough and can stand the pain and an also cooperate during the aftercare treatment.

How is the helix piercing done?

Helix piercing can be simple if done with the help of a good professional. Since the
piercing is done at a place where there are no nerves, it does not hurt much. However,
there are times when there may be a little pain. Helix piercing is done with the help of a
thin and sterile needle that is about 18 gauges. A mark is done on the ear and the needle is
pierced on the mark and a perforation is done. A cork may be placed in the ear opening so
that any tool does not accidentally get inserted in the ear canal. The person must sit
steadily while the whole procedure takes place. Jewellery is immediately inserted inside
the perforation. Ensure that piercing guns are not used as they may result in immediate
shocks and cannot be sterilized as well. If there is little bleeding, you need not be worried about the same.

helix piercing

helix piercing

What jewellery should you use for a helix piercing?

A helix piercing can be best done with a bar, as hoops are known to be more susceptible to
infections. That is usually because; bacteria’s are caught in the curve and then can infect
the ear hole. Always ensure that the jewellery is sterile before being inserted into the ear.
Always avoid use of metals, which you have allergy to. Helix piercing can be done with the
use handcrafted septum helix ring, small helix gold ring, small helix piercing studs and
barbells. You can also adorn your helix with a variety of decorative jewellery like labret
studs, horseshoe circular barbell, ball closure ring, hoops or studs, or spiral shaped heart jewellery.

helix piercing

helix piercing

The Aftercare for Helix piercing

Though Helix piercing is easy to perform, there are a few Aftercare tips that you would
need to follow after the piercing has been done. Use of cell phone, sleeping on the ear that
has been pierced, touching the ear hole with dirty fingers and ignoring the aftercare tips
may result in severe infection that may take months to cure. Always try and avoid
touching the pierced part with dirty hands. Wash your hands properly with warm saline
water and soap before touching the ear hole. Touch the piercing as less as possible and try
and avoid contact with pools, other body fluids, and beauty sprays. Also, do not play with
the jewellery and twist it and it may irritate the fistula. Clean the pierced part with warm
water and then spray with sterile saline. You can also use anti-bacterial soaps comprising triclosan.

Can the jewellery be changed after some time?

Some piercing can take three months to heal while some piercing may take time more
than that. It is, however, advisable to change an earring at least after three months so that
you give time for the piercing to heal properly. You can also change the earring after six months or so.

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How To Reset Your Metabolism


Do you know that when you do have a low metabolism it can have a huge impact on your health? Chances are, you will soon realize that your body is adding up pounds and it would be difficult to shed them off. Good thing that you can easily do few things in order to reset your metabolism. You do not need to know rocket science to know each one of them. They are simply the basics.

Here are three ways in which you can reset your metabolism:

1. Eat every three hours, with food of three different kinds.

One thing you should remember the number 3. This means in every 3 hours you need to eat 3 different foods namely, 1 for protein, 1 for carbs or healthy fats, and 1 for vegetables. When your meal contains all three, you are up to have a good day with a good metabolic rate, filled with energy, and not to worry about pounds adding to your weight.

2. Eat healthy carbs.

Having a no carb diet is not good. Why? You need to eat healthy carbs like beans, whole grains, and root vegetables. These carbs help your thyroid function fully. This means your body’s metabolism will be at it’s peak. No need to worry about bulging belly, huge arms and thighs. Your body needs carbs but not just any kind the healthy ones. So, do keep that in mind.

3. Build your muscles.

Lastly, you need to build your muscles up. Why is this so? Do you know that the more muscle mass you do have in your body, the more your body can burn those calories? Yes, that is right! How can this be done if you have limited time or do not have any idea of exercising? All you have to do is to exercise using light weights. This will slowly but surely build your mucles. You would be surprise as to how toned your arms are. Now, that’s something isn’t it?

Bottom line, it is all about the kinds of foods you are putting into your body. You want to be very cautious about what you are eating. The more you pay attention to every food you put into your mouth, the more you can see changes in your metabolism. The tips enumerated above are just easy. You can easily reset your metabolism. Guess what? You do not need to learn to buy special type of foods that are inside a box, or going to a gym to do so. Do follow through the tips and you are good to go.

There might be lapses along the way. You might forget to eat healthy carbs or you forgot do a little bit of weight lifting. You do not need to be perfect at all. What you are aiming for here is for you to make these three part of your daily routine until such time they become much of a habit for you. In no time, you will see the difference.

Tragus Earrings – Choosing among the best Tragus Earrings from Amazon

Are you one of those women who love wearing various kinds of traditional fashion jewelries? Tragus Earrings? Try out the different kind of jewelries in the Amazon website which is the best dealer for all types of jewelries. They are definitely worth trying. Here is some jewelry that you can try out from the Amazon jewelry section

Jewelry has always been a women’s most prized possession and all women are fond of wearing jewelry. You can find some of the most beautiful and exquisite jewelry from Amazon.Com website starting from imitation and fashion jewelry to real gold, silver, crystal, platinum and diamond. Here is some exquisite jewelry that can be purchased and worn in any occasion like marriage, parties, office as well as for regular wear.

The traditional Gold plated peacock shaped earrings for women


If you like traditional jewelry, then this is one piece of earring that you should definitely try out. The traditional gold plated peacock shaped earring which is made of turquoise is ideal for your ears. They are suitable to be worn in a wedding party or an evening reception. They are just suitable for every collection. The stones in this jewelry simply look stunning and are of the best quality .You can wear this for a long period of time since it is light in weight and would not hurt your ears.

The pros of the earring

  • The peacock shaped earring is stunning and can be worn with all kinds of dresses in all places
  • It has a traditional look which makes it best for weddings and engagements
  • They have been handcrafted for comfort and style
  • They are light in weight

Cons of the jewelry

  • Exposure to moisture and open air for a long period of time might cause the gold plate to be damaged
  • Cannot be in touch with perfumes or chemicals

The Bottom line This jewelry is definitely a must buy for all women who care for style and sophistication.

This is the best Tragus Earrings . also you may be love  this tragus jewellery

if you not pierced your tragus yet, read this tragus piercing guide .

Tragus jewellery – the best tragus jewellery in amazon

There are many women who would like to pierce their Tragus. Tragus is the inner side of the ear. You can wear a number of different kinds of Tragus bars or Tragus studs for your ear that would look nice. Try out some of the best looking Tragus jewelry gold finishes in the Amazon.

Imported 4pc 16g 5mm Ball Eyebrow, Lip Ear Tragus Rings Earring Barbell Bar Gold

Tragus jewellery

This jewelry is a brand new jewelry made of hypoallergenic and nickel free jewelry made for the body area like earrings, eyebrow, lips, nose and belly button in the body. This is one of the best gifts for your friends made with 316L surgical steel. The Gold color makes it shine.

The pros of the Tragus studs

  • Cool Tragus studs that can be worn in various parts of the body
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Looks cool and stylish in the ears
  • Can be worn with different kinds of apparel
  • Imported all the way from Hongkong
  • An outstanding piece of jewelry that can turn heads around

Cons of the jewelry

  • May get damaged if worn for a long period of time

The bottom line- The Tragus jewelry, gold plated earrings is one of the best looking jewelries in the Amazon that can turn heads around. It is definitely worth a buy.

If you are looking for some of the finest rook piercing jewelry, then you can try out the Amazon. Now what is rook piercing? Rook piercing are a type of ear cartilage piercing that is located in the highest fold of the ear. You can wear a small barbell or ball closure rings in the rook piercing. Try out from a variety of rook piercing jewelry in the Amazon.

There are various assortments of studs and barbells that you can try out from Amazon.

Mahi Blue, Red And White Rhodium Plated Swarovski Element Round Stud Earring for Women

Try out from some of these awesome shimmering studs that are sure to make your day. Wear these bright colored studs in an office party, a wedding party of just a small party in the house. This also is worn on a daily basis. This is also a great gift for your loved ones

Pros of the ear stud

  • Made of Swarovski crystal elements
  • Available in colors of red, blue and shimmering white
  • Can be worn for a long period of time
  • Great to wear at all occasions and with all attires


  • The studs are little smaller than displayed on the Amazon
  • As per some customers, the color is a little dull

The bottom line- This is a pretty good looking stud that can be worn on the rook and will look good as well. I also wore the same and I found it pretty appealing as well and the best thing is, it is available at an attractive price!